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Blake LeGrow

VP, Leasing

Lic #710426

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Blake LeGrow began his sales career as a licensed sales producer for Farmers Insurance, where he acquired an intrepid approach to accumulating new business. As a member of the Dominus Commercial leasing team, Blake’s passion for real estate, ambitious nature and reassuring attitude add a fresh perspective to any project. Balancing poise with integrity, Blake secured a record 23 leases in the first quarter of 2019, a time period of normally lower production. Since that time, Blake has continued to hit market records with his production in leasing. Blake has delighted his clients with his ability to fill even the most unique of spaces. A member of the Dallas Audubon Society, Blake enjoys spending time outdoors, being in the mountains, and playing the guitar. An emerging member with the North Texas American Cancer Society, Blake is committed to helping others overcome this disease. At work, his commitment to kindness allows him to provide unparalleled customer service.

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Education-Career Highlights
- University of Colorado at Boulder
Professional Affiliations
- Dallas Audubon Society - North Texas American Cancer Society

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