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Glenn Harrison

VP Engineering & Construction

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Originally from Southeastern New Mexico, Glenn joined Dominus Commercial in 2014 as Vice President of Engineering and Construction. He brings over 30 years of experience and a diverse background in project management, construction, and front office management, and has succeeded in a variety of industries including original equipment manufacturing and processing plants. Glenn likes to be very hands-on in both engineering and construction projects for the company as well as a value-add resource for our clients. He is an expert at building assessment and can quickly identify potential pitfalls and possible areas of untapped value in most any project. Glenn also partners with a wide variety of industry specialists to provide a thorough understanding of the precise opportunities for profit improvement. With the Dominus Commercial operations and sales team, Glenn demonstrates a steady presence as well as providing a unique perspective to many negotiations. Responding to his true calling, Glenn spends as much time as possible exercising his outdoors expertise with his two sons.

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